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February 22 2016

Feeling amazing this Monday morning. One of my interviews, was picked up by a newswire. I'm so very excited and humbled by the news. Please, if you have a moment take a look at the press release!

February 04 2016


A Beginners Guide to Yoga

I absolutely love yoga. It's amazing for not only the mind, but also the body. It helps me clear my mind, fine my daily meaning/purpose, and ultimately get a great workout. For all of you that want to start getting into yoga, but either don't have the time or money to go to a studio, take a look at this beginner yoga guide. It has some amazing poses, their individual difficulty level, and step by step instructions with pictures. 

I hope you all have a few minutes a day to devote to yoga. It's an amazing way to start your day on the right foot!


January 21 2016

Hi all! I'm always looking for some added inspiration to help calm my body down. This video is perfect for it! Namaste!

January 07 2016

Sometimes, whether you are in the middle of work or something that you can't break away from, stress and anxiety can pile up on you without you even knowing it! The best way to fight this is to listen to a quick mediation song or track. Close your eyes, let the stress melt away, and you'll feel much better! 
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Oh, I'll be dreaming alright
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December 15 2015

Every single day, people do extraordinary and incredible things that make differences in the world, whether big or small. In order to get to this point, however, you have to be very motivated to get to where you want to be. This might mean taking a lot of different avenues to becoming successful, but as long as you stay passionate and driven, you will accomplish your goals. 
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The difference that 25 years makes.
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December 10 2015

Healthy Living - Fitness Lover - Traveler - Nature Enthusiast.

Website : http://www.irinadorko.com/.
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